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About the project:

CointBank is a help to the partners in the investment activity in the market of crypto-currencies and ensuring a stable profit in joint mining of "minerals" (~ crypto-currency). We are engaged in buying and selling such crypto-currencies as BitCoin, Litecoin, Electrum, Ethereum, and many other forks. Becoming our partner, you will fully experience the productivity of our joint work with you in extraction and online trading. Our employees constantly analyze the market of crypto-currencies, revealing the pace of its development and growth. The formation of the forecast, based on the identified trends, gives us a dominant position in the market in relation to competitors.

The principle of our approach is that the growth in the number of transactions on deposits means an increase in profits, which is divided, according to pre-approved terms, between the partner and our company.

At the end of the trading day, all profits are transferred to the general accumulation fund, from which the partner deductions are paid. You, as our partner, can take it or invest it in the form of an additional deposit, and the balance of the trade balance is returned to the subsequent work until you ask for it.

To each Our partner, parallel to work on stock exchanges, we provide an opportunity to join joint mining of "minerals" by installing our graphics card on our farm in the data center or to contribute to the share production. This will allow you to receive a permanent, most important, stable profit minus the commission for our services, and we will be given the opportunity to increase our total equipment capacity.

Liberty Reserve  Pecunix  V-money  C-gold  Perfect Money  Moneybookers   added: 2017-12-05

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