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Monte Carlo Fund  High profit  Add to favorites
total payout: 380 USD
payout statistic

users rating: 280.6  [rate now]
max spend: USD e-mail support  
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We accept Liberty Reserve only. If your spend $100 or more, You may withdraw their own money in advance. But we will take the commission of 10%. You get only 90% of your deposit. Monte Carlo Fund operate 7 days a week. Payments are guaranteed !



Plan WEEK minimum: 10 maximum: 10 000 170% after 7 days (principal included)

Plan MONTH minimum: 50 maximum: 10 000 200% after 20 days (principal included)
Liberty Reserve  Pecunix  V-money  C-gold  Perfect Money  Moneybookers   added: 2009-04-20

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